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About US

Glocal store is a comprehensive platform that is full of possibilities. We are a combination of selection store, international information platform, and in-depth event organizer. Based on the principle of "Stay Local, Connect Global", we carefully collect special products from all over the world for everyone. At the same time, we provide various international information, and a series of services and organize international relations related activities.


「Every cloud has a silver lining」—— which means that sometimes life may be doom and gloom, but there will always be a ray of light showing through.


For a whole year of fighting the pandemic, this abnormal life has already become our new routine. Although we cannot go to travel, we can still make good use of technology and international vision, to open a window for ourselves without leaving home.

Through the window of Glocal store, even if we stay at home, we can still see all over the world and experience the diverse culture of different regions at your fingertips.

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